Intellectual Property

We advise our clients in all fields of intellectual property. Besides drafting and filing of property right applications, our assistance in examination-, opposition, infringement- or cancellation proceedings our focus lies on the following fields:

1. 1. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

Without having concluded a non-disclosure agreement discussing new, fascinating, important projects with partners includes risks.

We often recommend concluding a non-disclosure agreement with business partners as clients or suppliers before disclosing confidential information.

2. Research and Development agreements

In case of developing a new project together with several persons (natural persons or legal persons) we strongly recommend the conclusion of a development agreement to rule the rights and duties of each parts. This reduces the risks of differing interests of the involved parties.

3. License agreements:

Intellectual property rights are rights which permit to prevent others from doing something. In many cases the owner of a right will allow a third party to use the right by demanding a royalty fee. The ruling of rights and duties should be determined in a license agreement.

Our office has gained highly expertises in connection with the drafting, examination and negotiation of license agreements.

We can also advise our clients in regard to common and reasonable amount of license fees.

4. Employee invention rights

For inventions which are often developed by employees specific regulations apply.

In case of question do not hesitate to contact us.