The trademark

Words, numbers, slogans or figurative elements can be protected by way of a trademark. A trademark identifies the source of a product. Products and services of one company can be distinguished from the products of another and is a negative right, too. The maximum duration of the registered trademark is not limited in time, but payment of maintenance fees is required.

Trademark rights can for example be applied for new products or re-launches of products. A registered trademark prevents third parties from gaining profit out of any marketing activities, of the reputation of a company’s product or of the reputation of the company by itself.

The above remarks are only exemplary and not complete and only relate to German intellectual property rights. Protection in the meaning of intellectual property rights for products, developments or names can be gained in a similar way in many foreign countries. Property rights generally only take effect in the country where the rights entered into force. It is recommended to apply for an intellectual property right at a very early stage of the invention or development and the like to obtain the best possible protection.

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