Recent statistics on European Patent applications in 2021

On a regular base the patent offices publish at the end of Q1 in each year  a review on all the  patent applications filed during the previous year.
Just recently the European Patent Office has issued an overview of the European patent applications filed in 2021.

The following keymessages can be derived:

  1. The number of filed European patent applications reached an all-time high of 188.600, the highest number of European patent applications since the opening of the European Patent Office in the year 1977.
  2. Most of the applications were filed by Huawei (1st place, China), Samsung (2nd place, Korea) and LG (3rd place, China).
  3. When examining the countries worldwide from which most of the European patent applications originate, the following is remarkable:
  • 1. USA (25 % of all applications)
  • 2. Germany (14 %)
  • 3. Japan (11 %)

    The People’s Republic of China follows in 4th place with 9 % of all applications

Interesting:    About 95 % of all European patent applications filed originate from only 20 countries.

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